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87 4k csq trunk wiring

HI all,
  I began ripping parts off my 86 to make a happy 87 4kcsq today. One of
the things I had to do was remove my bad trunk lid and replace it with
the good one (from the 86). For lack of any better way to disconnect the
wiring going to the trunk, I cut them. snip. Prehaps labeling them would
have been smart, but it didn't happen.
  What I'm hoping to find out is: does anyone know the proper color/
wire scheme for the wires going to the lights on the trunk? I imagine
the bentley's pretty go about this, but I've yet to find a manual.


Part of the other work I was doing was trying to pull my right rear
quater panel straight. Not easy to do. We tied it to a tree and gunned
it, many times, many different places, with what seemed like success. Of
course, the tail light and trunk lid don't match up right... something
to be said about having the right tools and skills to do the job