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RE: Did Audi ever make a non turbo 200 2WD ?

Watch out for Atlantic induced marketing anomolies. The "200 by def is
turbo" is correct in the USofA, but maybe not RoW. From other postings
on this thread, it seems there were turbo 100s and non-turbo 200s in
Yurrup, and most prolly in GB.

Let's include geography in these wierd ones, 'cause Audi pulls its own
weird ones on us if we're not careful.

-Ian Duff.
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	>      A 200 is, by definition, a turbocharged 100, so no, it is
not kosher.  
	>      (There are 2WD 200's, though.)
	>      Jack Rich

	Thanks Jack,and those who replied by e-mail.I didn't think it a
	200,but wondered if it was perhaps an import from somewhere
where a non turbo 
	200 existed...

	Guess it was just a rebadged top of range 100.I appreciate your

	    Best Regards,
	                 Chris Wilson