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Re: Leaking '93 90 and a (freshly) busted ignition switch

At 09:15 AM 6/29/97 -0400, Chris Newbold wrote:
>Well, evidently my 1993 90CS has figured out how to follow this list.
>With all of the recent talk surrounding the ignition switch recall
>for '94-ish Audis, I was just thinking, "Gee, I wonder if this
>affects my car?"
>So I leave work on Friday night and get into the car. I turn the
>ignition switch, the car starts, but the starter doesn't disengage
>when I release the key. And the windows, and the A/C, etc. don't
>work. Seems like the "return spring" that is supposed to make the
>"START" position momentary has given up, and now I must manually
>return the key to the "RUN" position. Oh, !@$@#%$#@!@@**
>The car has also spung a leak. Nothing vital, just washer fluid.
>After several hours of exploratory surgery, this is what I discovered:
>the reservior is a massive 6.7 litre platic moulding that takes up
>most of the empty space between the inside of the left fender and
>outside of the engine compartment wall.
>There is a "nose" moulded into the front of the container which helps
>support it via a rubber grommet and a bracket. The "nose" is at a
>90 deg. angle to the side of the container. I guess with all of the
>weight, the "nose" has bent upwards, splitting from the container,
>and, voila!, leak.
>I'm trying to decide whether I should try to repair it with epoxy
>or just replace it. $66 from Clair Parts Express gets me a new one.
>It will be a *MAJOR* PITA to get it out, as I have to disassemble
>much of the front of the car to get to it. I'll have to do this
>whether I repair or replace...
>Any comments? Would a epoxy fix work, or would I be doing this
>again in four months??
>Re; ign. switch-  The part that needs to be replaced is in a small plastic
module which is located and affixed with a single screw to the ign switch
housing. I replaced mine on my coupe with a VW unit for $22. That was the
easy part. The hard part is getting the switch out.  Check Bentley for
details.   Re: the h2o container, I replaced mine on my 200 and as I recall
it is installed from the bottom up. Mine was on the rt pass side. Depending
on the nature of the damage on the bottle, Ive had good results with
fiberglass cloth sandwiched in epoxy. Good luck. Mike Posner.