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Pros and cons of v8 Quattro

Ive a strange attraction to the v8 quattro, its uniqueness comfort, safety
ie the usual fantasies and loyalty toward this marque that often overrides
common sense
and rational judgment.  As we all observe, Audi is a great car , but has
recurrent and niggling flaws that keep us continually spending money and
time up-fixing and posting
for answers.  The v8 seems to have all the above characteristics, raised to
a much higher level. Scarcity and expense of parts.  What was the cost of
the distributer cap in the recent post? $165@  vs. $6 for the 5 cyl. Did I
hear transmissions are$10 k? I wonder how much a major engine rebuild goes
for?  Are these Questions too mundane for the true believer?