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Re: Pros and cons of v8 Quattro

On Sat, 21 Jun 1997 03:04:18 -0700 mike posner <posne@cts.com> writes:
  Are these Questions too mundane for the true believer? 

	I've been driving my V8q for sometime now and
it is worth every penny I've spent on it. I drive the car hard,
I let it go whenever, wherever I can. I've changed the
suspension to a very stiff setting and I've encountered
potholes that slammed the car hard. I've creeped at
5 mph traffic in NY for 2 hours and the temp never went
past 100 deg with AC full blast outside temp 92 deg.
                    My point? The car is built is rallying. It is
very sturdy, durable, and the reliability is holding so
far for me. For parts? I've been eyeing a '90 V8q with
rear damage, and maybe get it as parts car. OTOH, there
are a lot of used parts for V8q out there.
	If you can, drive one first and make sure you
let that V8 out, pedal to the floor, and b*lls to the wall, my
soon-to-be V8q bro...:-)

'90 V8q ($700 for a water pump?! Oh, sh*t, I should
                    have bought that 20V instead!)