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Re: Synthetic vs Organic for airplane engines

Paul Nicholson wrote:

> Just thought I'd mention that synthetic oil has fallen out of favor
> (favour
> for the queen's subjects) for aircraft use on small internal
> combustion
> engine airplanes. The reason is that it does not have the sustained
> coating
> capability of mineral oils.
> Light aircraft are typically idle for weeks at a time, and synthetic
> oils
> drain off the inside of the cylinders, exposing the bare metal to air
> contact. This promotes rust of the cylinder walls, leading to
> compression
> loss and an early teardown on the engine. Mineral oils coat the
> cylinder
> wall better and result in less corrosion.
> If the airplane is used consistently this is not a factor as it is for
> our
> quattro's which typically get driven almost every day.
> Paul

 Looks like cheep synthetic base stock. Not synthetic oil in general.
I've seen some synthetic oils that stick so go to metal, that it take
sand paper
to get it off. Some one selling snake oil.

1990 QC