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Re: Synthetic vs Organic for airplane engines

Paul Nicholson wrote:

> It is Mobil synthetic Aircraft oil and it has to meet FAA standards.
> It's
> not cheap stuff either. Aircraft oils have to provide the low
> viscosity to
> lubricate immediatley after starting the engine cold and yet also have
> to
> lubricate at 400F temparatures. Except for Porsche's discontinued
> Flugmotor
> and Teledyne Continental's recent 350HP engine, almost all are air
> cooled.
> Perhaps if you use the real gooey stuff it won't lubricate when cold.
> Paul

  Mobil!  All the synthetic I see from them is Olefin base stock. And
thats not generaly rated for
Aircraft use. Most  synthetic Aircraft oil is Dibasic or Polyol Esters.
Polyol Esters being the best.
I wounder if they are test marketing a new oil of Aircraft use. This is
a bummer for them.

1990 QC