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Re: front end cluncking noise

>I have the same situation with my 83 Ur-q. Every thing is new and I have the
>noise you describe. Others have noted that the mounting holes in the subframe
>can get oval shaped over time and suggested welding hard steel washers to the
>frame to cure this. I am going to look at the subframe when my cash level is
>up again. Are there any other thoughts out there?

Interestingly enough, this noise surfaced on my '85 Ur-Q shortly after I
replaced all of the bushings and I do mean ALL of them ... I haven't tracked
it down yet (it's NOT the slotted nut that holds the strut bearings on) but
I think it might be caused by excessive play in the control arm bolts ...
the last time I had this done on my 4k, I used slightly oversized bolts
aircraft bolts, redrilled the subframe holes and reamed the bushings to give
minimal (.008-.010") clearance.  Never heard another clunk after that but
getting everything lined up was a major PITA...
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