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Re: front end cluncking noise

<< every time I stop and then take off there is
a clunking sound coming from the right front.>>

>I have the same situation with my 83 Ur-q. Every thing is new and I have the
>noise you describe. Others have noted that the mounting holes in the subframe
>can get oval shaped over time and suggested welding hard steel washers to the
>frame to cure this. I am going to look at the subframe when my cash level is
>up again. Are there any other thoughts out there?

My father had a similar clunking problem with his '82 Coupe, although it
also happened going over bumps.  It turned out that the slotted strut nut
that holds the strut together came loose as he was tightening the upper
strut nut (the one that holds the strut to the strut tower).  This allowed
some movement in the strut shaft, which caused it to make the clunking noise.

To fix it, he just unscrewed the upper strut nut and tightened the slotted
nut (the weight of the car holds the strut tight) to take up the slack.
No noises now.

'85 Coupe GT
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