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AC problem (was: My first question)

If advice from a novice is worth anything, here goes. Sounds as though you
have about the same problem as I did with the AC in my '89 100. Diagnosed
as a malfunction of the four-function temperature switch. This is a
4-terminal gizmo (brass gizmo, that is) that  screws into the head just
beneath the upper radiator hose at the front left. I just replaced mine
this morning. Takes about 5 minutes. Part is  approx. $88. I think a test
of this would be to peel back the rubber boot and disconnect the plug from
this switch. Does the AC work now? But get your pinky off that relay ;-)

Phil Rose
'89 100

>Date: Sun, 29 Jun 1997 23:08:38 -0400
>From: jimbo <q45@i2k.com>
>Subject: My first question.
>I have looked through the archives and found a wealth of information
>regarding the climate control in my 86 5000. This is great, but it is
>hot and the air conditioner is still not working.  Regarding the diags:
>Checking channel one indicates 00, which means everything is good. Well,
>it isn't.  The compressor will not turn on.  I know the compressor is
>charged and works because if I manually close the contacts of the air
>conditioner relay, she works fine and blows cool air inside.  (I pried
>the cover off a spare relay inserted it and then closed the contacts
>with my pinky)


>There is one other bit of information that could offer a clue.  The
>temperature gauge has not worked for some time.  Last year the air
>conditioner worked intermittently, but I am not sure if the temp gauge
>was working then or not.

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