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Oil stream in 5kS

Just went out to the heap of an '84 5kS, and noticed that there was
quite the puddle of oil under the car.  Figuring it was there before I'd
parked it, I started the thing up & started driving away.  Of course, I
noticed that there was a stream of oil following me...  Got out, popped
the hood, there's some sort of sensor on the drivers side of the block,
just below the thermostat housing, with a steady stream of oil squirting
out.  (Might I add that this mixes nicely with the stream of radiator
fluid flowing from the shot radiator.)  Is this the oil pressure sensor?
 Any guesses as to if I need a new one, or just need to tighten this
one?  I'm 50 miles from home (and any form of tools) so who thinks I'll
make it without seizing the motor?

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