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91 200q fuel filter, etc.

Does anyone have the correct Bosch part number for the fuel filter for a
91 200q?  I got one from Blau recently and it had an extra fitting on the
input end that seemed to be intended to restrict flow.  I removed the
fitting and it bolted in just fine.  The p/n on the new one is 450 905 091.
The p/n on the old one is at home.  Just wondering if I'm okay.  No
answer at Blau today. 

Also: over the weekend replaced the oxygen sensor, air filter, and fuel
filter.  Replaced plugs 2 months ago.  Will replace cap and rotor as soon
as I can muster the courage to intentionally destroy the current rotor to
get it off.

Question: Are there any mixture or idle speed adjustments which
should be checked?  If so, I may not have time to do it before I leave for
Pike's Peak,  is it something that can be done en route?  Hint. Hint. Hint.

Ed Kellock ............... Greenville, SC
91 200qw ................ 87 Coupe GT
Leo is my copilot.