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RE: Next ur-quattro upgrade

Phil (the man) writes:

> Next upgrade - has anyone looked at adding "one touch" window controls to
> an ur-quattro?

and someone added:

> ... to do it you will need to add feedback signals from the motor to
> the controller.  It is only two wires, so it shouldn't be too difficult
> to do ...

When I had my 1990 90Q20V I added one-touch down to the passenger's
side window (it came with one-touch on the driver's side).  To do that I
relied on the anti-burnout system in the window motor, and just added
a relay that switched-in for enough time to fully open the window from
closed (the anti-burn circuit taking over if I one-touched from already
open or partially open).

I modified an old wiper delay relay and included into the circuit a 'reset'
to cancel the timer when the "up" button was pushed (so I could stop
the window at partial opening).  I had the car three years, and used the
thing at least once a day (to collect my mail!) without any problems.

I took out the setup when I sold the car and could probably rustle-up the
circuit if you're interested in this (no guarantee) method.

-Mark Quinn