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Re: Next ur-quattro upgrade

> Ohhhhhhhhhh.... How would one achive that nice little trick in say a 87 
I have not had an opportunity to compare the two modules side to side, but
I believe that it should be as simple as getting a module from a car that 
has the feature and plugging it in place of the controller you already 
have.  Notice that this *might* work for '87-'88 5kCSQs and 200Qs.  If 
you don't have a CSQ or have a car that's older than '87 then you're going 
to have to do a little more work ... these cars have single-wide window 
controllers.  OTOH, I am certain that that the dual wide module that is 
in the '87-'88 5kCSQs has the requisite relays to support auto up ... it 
is just disabled.  I'm thinking that an appropriately placed diode will 
get it for me, I just need to reverse engineer the circuit.  When I do, I 
promise that I'll tell all to the list ... :)

I am not about to pay even Carlsen's price for a new v8q unit ... it would
be interesting to hear if my theory works though.  I have no source for 
v8q parts right now ... if someone could acquire one, and confirmed that 
the layout of the pins and the labelling were the same on both it should 
be plug and play!  I'd also be interested to hear if someone has a source 
for the v8q parts ... say from a wrecking yard ... I'd be willing to try 
it myself if I could get the module for a reasonable price ...

San Jose, CA (USA)