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Leather softners....chapt 1.


Before I embark on my journey to Pikes Peak I decided last night at 10pm
that it would be a good time to start conditionig my leather interior. 
Not the best of ideas, but it's what I did.

I have been meaning to use the product Surflex Leather Softner on my car
for quite some time.  My interior is in pretty good shape, especially
for being abused daily for 10 years, but recnetly it has become dry and
hard.  I know German leather is hard, but not usually quite this hard. 
Anyways, I have used Lexol on it for years, but it was time to use a

I begin by using the Lexol leather Cleaner on the seats and door panels.
 Then I wipe it down real good.  Leather softner is no more than natural
oils and emolients in a liquidy/oily form.  Take a clean cloth and dip
it in the container and spread evenly over the leather surface.  You do
not want to rub it in or wipe it off.  You should leave it on the
surface to "soak" into the leather as it allows it.  You should leave
between 24-48 hours for the (48 hours is optimal) and it is best to let
the car sit out in the sun.  As the leather heats up it will expand and
absorb more of the oil.  

Well, I must warn you it is a long, tedious, and messy job!  But
somebodys gotta do it!  I just should have done it when I knew darn well
I was going to have to drive it the next day!  When I was finnished I
felt like a "real greaser" Yuk!  That is some nasty stuff!  And, I had
to drive to work sitting in it this morning.  But, it actually feels
softer already!  It was still very greasy this morning, but I have a
feeling it will be much better by the end of the day.  If you have never
done this and your car is as old as mine, it may need a second coat. 
I'll decide whether mine needs one and I'll give another report if

BTW, I talked to Larry Reynolds at Care Care Specialties (where I got
the leather softner), and he suggested that I put a plastic bag over the
seats after I added the softner.  I didn't though.  I don't know how
much of a difference that makes though.  He also warned that this does
not take the place of a leather conditioner.  One must still be added
every few months as regular maintenance.  

....greasy 5ktq