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Great day at Mt. Washington

I had my first Mt. Washington Hill experience Sunday; It was great! My wife and I drove the 5KCST up from VT Sat night and went to the course first thing Sunday. We took the shuttle van to the Half way vantage point (4200 ft.) With the exception of some long delays for red flags the action was super. I'll never forget Sprongle's quattro in a full power on drift throught the right hand switch back near us. It was kind of challenging trying to tell which car was coming up the hill around the corner below you just from the engine sound. The easiest to pick out were the V8s (corvette, mustang, modifieds) and the japanese <2 litres (CRX, mitsubishi) The most dissapointing(sound wise only) was the TAP A4 1.8T; It sounded kind of lame. It was moving pretty well though. The crowd loved the VWs (rabbit and golf) lifting their inside wheels around the switchback. I swear they were able to cut the corner by a couple feet by knowing their inside rear would lift! On the way down the mt we picked up the two drivers who dumped their cars over the bank and into the hemlocks in the first 2 miles of the run. They were remarkably unfazed. The guy who put his Corvette upside down couldn't wait to do the "post-mortem" on his car to see how well the roll cage worked I guess it worked well enough!

I can't wait 'til next year!

--Steve Brehm