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Re: front end clunking noise


I too have had the front end clunk in my 88 90 2wd... for the last 125k
miles or so.  As money permits, I've replaced an engine mount, ball
joints, tie rod ends, control arm bushings, struts, and, of course,
strut bearings.  The result?

A tighter car with a clunk in the front right.  It actually kicks the
steering wheel.  I'd be willing to bet that if you cruised down the road
at 45mph in third, and rolled gently on and off the gas, you'd feel a
kick in your steering wheel as well.

I've seen the issue creep up here in the Qlist every so often, but no
one seems to have licked it except the one lister who re-fabricated his
UrQ's subframe bushings with old porsche 944 head washers or something
like that.  That's a lot of work.

Suggestions?  Seems you've replaced just about everything, as I have.  I
can't afford the roughly $200 to replace subframe bushings on a goose
chase.  Phil's suggestion to check the steering rack is a good one.  But
I sit (or, rather, drive) with a clunk that irritates and tarnishes the
wonderful feeling I get of driving this car 110 miles a day.

A plea to the list- if anyone can share this experience and a bona-fide
solution, please speak up!  It seems to be as common as all of the other
88-92 80 and 90 issues- broken door locks, speedometers going out, isv's

I'd love to have this discussion become a hot thread for a hot moment.