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FS: '86 5000s PARTS Update

     Still got a bunch of stuff left....If you need anything let me 
     A/C Compressor
     Radiator Fan Shroud
     Radiator Fan
     Expansion Tank
     Thermoswitch for Radiator Fan
     Temperature Sender
     Power Steering Pump
     Brake Master Cylinder & Reservoir
     Oil Pressure Switches
     Idle Stabilizer
     Cold Start Valve
     Air Flow Sensor
     Fuel Distributor
     Air Duct
     Cold Air Intake Hose
     Control Box w/Thermostat
     Power Mirrors (right & left)
     Rear view Mirror 
     Electronic Climate Control Unit
     Fuse/Relay Box
     Power Window Motors & Regulators (front/rear, right/left)
     Turn Signal Lens (front/rear, righ/left) 
     Chrome Bumper Trim (rear/left, front/center&left) 
     Door Handles (front/resr, right/left)
     Fuel Pump
     Blower Motor
     Floor Mats (Dark Blue)
     Hope you all had a fun 4th of July weekend!
     Henderson ....