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Meet at Mt.


Well the more reports that come in the more I realize how few people I met to
match the cars.   

Paul Royal, Bob Davis, Andrew Duane and others I met but Trish and crew, others?
Where did we all go to?

I know where we were, what with a 6000ft Mt to get lost on. We all need decoder
rings or a hi sign so we know.  I'm sure I was at Sundays first run at the
halfway point surrounded by listers/members.  Oh well. 

Had a great time none the less.  Trish I have a shot of the Saleen laying rubber
aroung the right at the halfway point.  A nice twin rubber "S".

I was next to the Volvo.  That guy stayed all day.

So more for next year.  Good time.  Thanks for all teh folks who put it