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Gettin' Blown

Not me but the fan,

Over the weekend my blower motor has decided it only has one speed.   HIGH!  

The in dash AC controller won't respond to OFF, LOW or HIGH.  All the vents do
as they should except the OFF position which then directs air to the feet.  So
the programmer seems fine.  The lever moves according to the temp set etc.

Unplugging the AC programmer still keeps the fan blowing so according to Bentley
I should look at the AC blower controller.  I plugged in one from the GFs' car
and I could get the low speed but never would off respond at all.  I only
plugged it in. I didn't install it in the evaporator compartment.

Some of the other trouble shoot charts direct me to "AC controller bad"  I can't
get it to do any of the diagnostics.  It doesn't respond.

So I'm looking at a bad AC controller yes?

Opinions, ideas?  The buttons on the controller have been unresponsive
intermittantly in the past.