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Not blown any more

All fixed,

My full time high speed blower was the AC control unit in the dash.  I hit a
friends Audi/VW garage this morning.  He pointed to a 5k parts car and said have

First I swapped in the AC blower control from the evapoator.  Again I got a low
speed fan but that was all.

Then I put in the dash unit.  Presto all works fine.  All speeds and off work as
do the self check functions.

Price?  Free!  Yeah I need this stuff every now and then.  I'm gonna' nab the
15x6s for my snows and the very new looking all metal rad before it gets
crushed.  Not much else left on the car.

To the guy with defrost air only:   Bentley says, and I came across it while
cruising for my problem:

If you only have air from the defroster area you have a vacuum leak.  I bet it
is at the programmer above the pass feet area.  4 (5?) lines go to it and it
tells all teh vents what to do and when.