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pre purchase advice on 90 V8

I will soon be looking at a 90 V8 quattro.  It has 110k on the speedo
and per Autosport in Zeeland, MI, has a replacement engine with only 35K
on it. I know they deal in wrecks and this would otherwise scare me, but
checking with some people locally, including my neighbor who owns a
frame straightening shop, they can be trusted.  My own recent experience
with them also yields a pretty good up and up place.  SOmeone esle must
like them, because they are on the good guys list.

Other than all the stuff about electrical which is common to most 5000
and up Audis and trans/final drive swapping spits, what should I look
for? I know nothing about the quattro drive train.  Anything real common
that is easily noticed?   A post in the archives indicated I should look
for something with complete service records.  This has none. Is it a
good idea to walk away?  They are asking $11,000, but indicated room to
move.  I don't know if this is common to the V8, but it has all the
toys, including little windshield wipers on the headlights.