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Blower whine on 100CS

After Go Audi in Grand Rapids, MI replaced the motor for the heater
damper last winter on a real cold day, I have been hearing an
intermittent whine when the blower is on.  Taking it back twice, yielded
they could not duplicate sound and nothing was impedng blower fan.  It
sounds like the pitch of a cricket, but at the frequency of a locust. 
If that doesn't bring a sound to mind, think of a stiff piece of paper
held lightly against the vanes of the squirrel cage blower vanes at high

It is still intermittent, but more noticeable when I brake, less
noticeable under acceleration.  Sort of like something is loose and
moving forward and back with inertia.  Not only have I lost faith in the
dealer from numerous other issues but they have me in the classic, "it
is too much bother to bring it back' syndrone.  

Every time I have been there in the last year (aa lot), they either
required many repeat visits to really fix it or they caused another
problem with each fix.  I should nominate them for the bad guys list.

To there credit it hasn't cost me much, or actually credit goes to Audi
of America, who underwrote warranty work on this car, which I bought
used from Go with 50K on it.  This included a whole bunch of oil pan
stuff, more oil changes than you can shake a stick at in the process and
a new oil pump which finally fixed an oil leak.  Also to their credit,
they found another leak, (in the transmission) which turned out to be a
pourous case and netted me a whole new tranny and drive.  (about a
$5,000 warranty job)  

They were nice about everything and applogized like crazy for every
repeat fix necessary and oil all over my  driveway, but even though the
place was top drawer, they just could seem to get it right the first
time for practially all my problems or they created new ones.  

Getting back to the whine.  I read something about and Audi with another
fan in the plenum somewhere.  Does mine have a second fan somewhere?  It
really sounds if the noise is coming from the dash and not from the
plenum area ahead of the dash, where I believe the actual blower to be.  
Any help appreciated. 

86 5KS 
92 100CS