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Thanks for my first fix

Thanks to all who made it possible for me to drive to New York (Niagra
Falls area) from Holland, Michigan comfortably, now that my air
conditioner works.  It isn't a vacation trip, I've been back and forth
six times since Jan. (Put mom-in-law in a senior home and now cleaning
out house prior to closing.  57 years of accumulation!  Aren't I a great

Also thanks to the Roses, Henderson, Phil Payne, Keliegt, and Andy
Duanne for all the right answers.  I got two fixes for the price of one.
I replaced the temperature sender which fixed the temp gauge and, your
right Andy, it does run better now that it isn't in warm up mode all the
time.  Got more pep.

For the air conditioner fix, the credit goes to Jerry Fields.  The
yellow wire was it, but I didn't have to short it to ground.  Taking off
the programmer connection, cleaning some crud off the contacts,
reconnecting and viola, we have a compressor running.  It does seem to
cycle faster than I would like.  I plan to leave the tray off so my wife
can kick it, should it balk on the trip.  The programmer clicks and
something else is probably not right in there.  It seems like it did
that on a trip to Disney World a few years back, with no harm.  I get an
ociliscope and tackle that baby when I get back from new york. 
Even with the compressor on, it has more power, thanks to Andy and the
others who convinced me to change the temp sender.  I got a used one
from Autosports in Zeeland.  $15 bucks, pretty cheap for more power.  

Even though Autosports did not give the the final fix, they certainly
were nice enough and I was glad to give them at least a little business.
They also have a 90 V8 for sale which will be the subject of my next
post.  Thanks again to all.  They have a pretty good stock of all
European stuff.  On a white board, they have a listing "incoming road
kills"  with a prety good number of cars and this is just for this week.

By the way, to anyone who might have replied to my emails earlier today
at my other addres (Jchiodo@GFS.COM.  Sorry, I forgot I can read
netscape mail in the office, but not send from there, so I use the
internal email (Groupwise with an internet hook.)  I can't read my
groupwise mail at home, because the network security guy won't get me
hooked up, and he reports to me!


86 5KS -  140K
92 100CS - 75K
86 Honda Accord - 170K
96 Honda Harmony - 25 yards