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Re: engine rattle

In a message dated 97-07-01 20:41:17 EDT, you write:

<< While I
 would say, can you try to isolate the conditions under which it rattles, I
 would also say, drive it carefully one short trip to a mechanic. >>

On this note, word to the wise....

I had a thumping sound coming from the front of my car at random times.
 Couldn't quite place it.  Over 30 minutes (after it developed, on a road
trip) I tried to diagnose it.  Finally, I gave up and called my mechanic, I
couldn't place it.  He said, Check your drivedaft bolts while you are under
there.  Results of probe?  One had snapped, causing undue stress on the other
5.  2 of those had then come loose due to this stress.  If I had driven
another hour or so, I would not have a VW.  Be careful in your travels, all.
 And sometimes it's best to leave it to the veterans and experts.

Carter J