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Re: engine rattle

Huw, I only get it when the engine is idling or when i gas up, but then it
away, it will come back when idling intermittent, seems to be centered
the cyl head area, do you think one of lifters is crapped out?

> > I've been checking out my rattle noise, It is extremely loud at
> > times, then its gone, when driving around and I come to a stop, and
> > then accelerate it will rattle then stop. It never did this before,
> > any ideas?
> I had a rattle, mostly under power, that was getting slowly worse (over a
> week - 10 days) in my 83 5kt.  Turned out to be a crank bearing.  While I
> would say, can you try to isolate the conditions under which it rattles,
> would also say, drive it carefully one short trip to a mechanic.
> Could the exhaust be loose/hitting something?
> The last thought is knocking.  Try retarding the timing ten or fifteen
> degrees (may have to turn up the idle?) to see if it goes away.  
> Otherwise get it off the road before you make it worse....
> Huw Powell
> HUMAN Speakers
> http://www.thebook.com/human-speakers