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AC help.

Anybody ever change the AC clutch on the compressor. I'm in dire need of
some instrux as the temp is hitting 109 tomorrow and going up from

AC places out here won't install a customer supplied part (they want to
make the parts markup)and nobody seems to have any R&R info on the
clutch. Here are some specs:

It is a late 1986 Audi 5000 CS Turbo w/automatic trans. The AC
compressor is a Nippondenso 10P17 with a number on the label as follows:
047200-6603 and 0028. The AC clutch unit is 047300-3890  12v  3F.

The pulley knocks when you turn it back and forth (no belt attached).
The AC was working fine when all of a sudden the belt started squealing
and burning until it broke. (I was at a stoplight - no place to go). I
checked the AC unit the next day and everthing still turned by hand, but
the knock was there. Any ideas??????????

Thanks for everybody's help.

Also, a tip for you Turbo owners. The big old rubber intake hose going
to the turbo (somebody said it looks the Michelin man) blows out and
gets cracks when it gets old. A new one from Audi is about $95. Too much
for any piece of rubber, if you ask me. Anyway, a better than temporary
fix is to take it off, clean the oil away from the crack (inside) and
the dirt (outside) and go down to your local Wal-Mart store (thanks Sam)
and pick up a tube of Shoe Goo. This stuff is incredible!!! It forms a
tough but resilient repair that flexes with the hose and should last
awhile or at least long enough to keep you going again while you save up
the bucks for a new one. I'm driving on 3,000 miles so far. 

Just my little contribution to the cause. Hope somebody finds it useful.

Anyway, thanks again for any info on the AC.

Don S.