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Re: AC help.

Donna Sims wrote:
> Anybody ever change the AC clutch on the compressor. I'm in dire need of
> some instrux as the temp is hitting 109 tomorrow and going up from
> there.

Donna, I dug out an old post of mine from the personal archive.
Hope it helps.


         '89 200TQ A/C compressor clutch bearing replacement 
         Sun, 23 Feb 1997 01:15:05 -0800 

frankbauer@scvgvine.com wrote:

> Subject: Re: Audi Toolbox

> someday i'll start the list of pullers, electrical tools, special audi
> tools, etc.............the set of special tools that Igor makes for
> rebuilding hydraulic parts, aligning the clock bezel, etc   =8)
> frank

Well, I have recently made two more speciality tools. Here's the story:

Ever since I bought my car in 1993 it was LOUD. It had tap dancing
lifters, a burping exhaust mfld, a rattling waterpump and a roaring A/C
The new lifters and Castrol Syntec silenced the valve train, restudding
of the head had civilized the manifold and a timing belt replacement
brought in a new water pump.
What's left was a friggin A/C clutch. In order to take the clutch off
the compressor one nees a special tool.
The clutch has the inner bore with a 24x1.5mm thread.

No prob, thinks I, firing up a miniature lathe/drill/mill combo, that I
have in my lab.

20 min later I have a clutch removal tool, made out of a 1" steel hex
stock, 1" long. One half of it is turned down to 24mm OD and has a
thread cut on it. The tool also has an inner bore with an 8x1.25mm
thread in it. It also has a 13mm bolt with a pointed tip and a 8x1.25mm
thread, screwed into it. It's purpose is to push against the
compressor's shaft. This bolt started its life in a Alt (or A/C
compressor) tensioner, off which I have sheared the teeth  in my overly
zealous quest to find that precise "10mm of play under the thumb"
tension setting.
I have also fabricated the second tool, needed to prevent the clutch of
speening, while breaking loose the central pulley nut.

Upon removal of the clutch, I found out that the bearing had developed a
substantial radial play in the racers.
I had an old post from Brian Vinson on file, in which he said that he
had a new A/C clutch for $75. Unfortunately, his clutch was for an AC
Delco compressor, whereas mine was made by Nippon Denso. Bummer.

The only option left was to replace the bearing itself. The problem was
locating the replacement.
I had scanned all the scarce bearing catalogs, that I had in my Physical
lab, without any success. It was time to call for some heavy artillery,
so I e-mailed direct to our resident Mechanical Engineer on the list and
my pen pal, Mr. James Marriott, with a desperate cry for help. In less
than 24 hours this fine fella not only located the exotic japanese
bearing for me, but also had it ordered. The rest was a breeze: old
bearing got pressed out, the new one got pressed in and voila! the once
noisy Audi now runs wisper-quiet, almost like a Lexus (please forgive
this outright blasphermy in the Audi court).

This double row ball bearing is made by Nachi, p/n NAC40BG05S1DS. I paid
$21.50 for it.
With James' permission I am posting the vendor info:

Eastern Bearings Inc.
7096 So. Willow St.
Manchester, NH 03103

the man to talk to is Tom Breault, Operations Manager:
603-668-3300 phone
603-669-5714 fax
Man02@ebearings.com e-mail
he is also a very pleasant person to deal with.

Needless to say, if some other bearing fails on me (like a notorious
propeller shaft bearing), I'll be calling Mr. Breault first thing in the
morning with a p/n in hand. As well as with all my bearing needs at
Disclaimer: I have no affiliation or personal interest here, just being
a satisfied customer.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ
Whisper quiet. Now I know why Audis don't let you turn the ignition key
twice on a running car.