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Re: UFO Brake Conversion Kit for V8Q

Gregory Owens wrote:
> Forgive me if this subject has been discussed before, but didn't find anything
> on this in the archives.  Does anyone know if there is an after market
> conversion kit available for the UFO brakes on the V8Q?  If not, can 17"
> wheels be put on over a UFO brake?
> Thanks.
> Greg Owens
> Seattle, WA             90 V8Q

Note to q listers: I tried to send this directly to Greg but was unable
to connect.
Sorry, this is old stuff, but I know of no other way of doing this.

The following is a post on the subject that I made about a month ago:

>Well, it's done! My UFOs are history and, so far, I am elated!  With the
help of Scott Mockry and John Karasaki, my '91 200q has been transformed
from a shakin', vibratin' beast into smooth stopping son-of-a-gun. 
After a couple of false starts due to rotor hat and caliper mounting
bracket dimensional problems, the KVR Performance, AP Racing caliper
based system was installed.  The system, as finalized, is a bolt on
resolution to the infamous Ingolstadt brake mistake. I haven't had an
opportunity to drive the car really hard as in a track experience, but
after a couple consecutive near 100 mph panic abs type stops today, I
can only say "WOW!!".  And the 314mm cross-drilled rotors and massive
calipers look really cool inside those S4 wheels!  I expect to keep
hammering these brakes, as that was part of the deal I made with Terry
Gosse at KVR, my car being a test bed for this system.  I will post any
new developments.>       

The system is working very well.  I believe that the final developed
price will be about the same that TAP currently charges for their 330mm
system as they share the same caliper and nearly the same rotors. KVR
builds those units for TAP. The July EC
TAP ad  lists the price at $2250.  If you'r interested, call Terry Gosse
at KVR Performance in Ottawa, Ontario at 1 800 636 0854. He is a real
nice fellow and knows an awful lot about Audis and brakes.

Kent Crossley, Portland,Or.
'91 200q, IA stg 3 ecu, with real brakes (mine)
'93 90CSq, looking for 15" snow wheels (hers)