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4kcsq butt STILL dragging, now roof rack?

	So I still need BTDT's on replacing rear susp. on the 87 4kcsq.  I've 
heard H & R springs & Koni shox are the way 2 go, but also that 84 coupe 
springs provide same height, stiffer ride.  Has anyone done this (or 
any) conversion from stock on their car??  To what result??  Satisfied??  
Why or why not??  I'd like to produce a higher breed of quattro, here, 
and need everyone's input.  I'll be redoing the susp on my car very 
soon, so the more info the better.
	Also, who knows the best roof rack for the 87 4kcsq??  I need one that 
can carry primarily surfboards (up to 11 feet in length) and also bikes 
and canoes.  Would like any Btdt's posted directly to me for quick 
assimilation.  Anything out there besides Thule and Yakima????
Looking forward to the cumulative wisdom . . . 
P.S.  I don't want a cheap surfshop generic rack.  Neither do I want a 
cheap aftermarket generic suspension upgrade.  It's like uncle ben's, 
only the best will do . . .