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V8 owners take note

   I was reading through the archievs, and noticed that all the V8 owners
complain of
"smoking" cars.  The smoke is coming from under the hood I assume.  I have a
'90 V8 with 66,000 or so miles on it.  Mine smoked once, or so the neighbors
said, and I thought it was from a long trip, also a fast one.   After this it
smelled.  I was fortunate that the car was going in for service in a week to
have the timing belt changed. ( The dealer insisted that it be changed at
60,000 miles. or I'd be risking damage. The only service I have had to pay
for on this Audi. I've had it 4 years.)  

  Both return hoses were leaking behind the air filter housing on the back
the engine.  Hard to describe, but mine hasn't leaked since. 

  This car has been fantastic.  I have had no other problems other than the
cruise controll doesn't work. 

Hope this can be of help, if confused ask and I'll explaine better, and llok
up parts.

P. M. Hall
'86 5000S 120,000miles
'87 944S    34,000 miles
'90 V8q     66,000 miles