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Re: Short circuit

>Can anyone offer suggestions on how to proceed in finding elect. short in
>main fuse #12-  1987 5000csq  Five seconds after start-up fuse blows.  Any

I think that is the one for the instrument cluster etc., right?  If it is
then your prollem is in either the wire bundle that runs into the trunk for
the reverse lights, etc., or in the housing for the gear shifter lever for
your automatic tranny.  If it is in the trunk (most commonly) then upen teh
trunk, and look at where the wires enter the trunk upright on the left
(driver) side.  The wires are proolly split and shorting out there.  Just
rewire or tape up, whatever.  If that is not your prollem, get in your car
and pull the top of the housing off from your shift lever, the part with
the letters "P", "R", "N", etc.  There is one screw on the bottom edge of
it toward the rear of the car.  Unscrew and pull the housing back.  You may
need to put the shifter in "1" with the parking brake on.  If there is
short it is one of the wires that goes to the light in there.  Fix wires
and you are there.  Good luck.  

James Fawcett
Bitchin' '86 5KTQ