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Better handeling for V8's?

  I have a '90 V8 quattro with 66,000 miles.  Its a great car and extremely
fast.  However I also have a '86 5000S & '87 Porsche 944S. I was wondering if
anyone out there has any experiance in suspension for the V8 as I would like
for it to handel like the 5000S or even the Porshe (Doubtful).  I just put on
v-rated Pirelli's so I'm not in the market for new wheels/ tires.  Has anyone
tried new shocks/springs(possible .75-1 inch lower), or bars?  I would
appriciate any advice.  Also does anyone know if there is a K&N air filter
for this car?  

'86 5000S  120,000 miles
'87 944S    34,000 miles (16 valve& 188 stock BPH)
'90 V8q     66,000 miles