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Re: Rear Seat Armrest

I have a v8 with a built in ski sack, and I wanted one in my 5000S.  I cut
the sheet metal with tin snips (There are only four small cuts to make, and
filed the rough metal.  Then I cut through the leather interiorat the top and
along the sides to make a whole.  Then I got some self adhesive velcro so I
could hold up the leather when I wasn't using it.  The only bad thing was the
armrest would go back further than it did previously, so I cut a peice of
copper water pipe 3/4" and pounded down the ends so they were flat.  I stick
this inbetween the sheetmetal and the back of the rear seats and the armrest
holds in place.  The whole thing sounds harder than it was, and works great.
Now I can take my 5000S (workhorse) to get the things I would rather not put
into the V8.

'86 5000s
"87 944S
"90 V8q