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Oil cooler

Hello All!

Thanks to all of you who responded to my oil cooler problems. Special
thanks go to Dariusz Leszko and Mike Aiello. 
In search for oil cooler lines, I went to local Parker-Hannifin dealer
and - bingo! They had the correct fittings. They made two new lines for
me for $50. ( dealer price: over $300 ) I also like the Parker's hoses,
they look rubber outside, but are very strong steel braided inside.
Since the factory lines have very artistically bend fittings ;-) and
Parker only makes straight and 90 degree fittings, there was a problem
matching proper length and fittings type. First we matched them to the
existing ones, but when I tried to install them... they were way too
long. I crawled under the car and figured out how should they look. We
shortened them, but anyway I had to cut the engine mounting a little to
fit one of them. But now the setup looks very clean and factory-like. I
also removed turbocharger oil supply line. The crimps were badly
corroded, but I spend some time with sand paper and it was easy to get
to the clean metal. I painted it and now it looks like new. It also
seems that the gaskets for a turbo supply and return lines are of
single-use type, because I had major leak from under them after putting
everything back together. I didn't want to wait 2 weeks for the dealer
to order them from Germany, so I just coated the gaskets with silicone
gasket-maker from both sides. No leaks now. 

					happy motoring