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RE: 4th July

Malcolm wrote:

	>Ob Audi content;

	>I called a local tyre dealer to get replacements for my Yoko   
	>245/40ZR17's. Although he could get pretty much any tyre I
fancied, he   
	>had Pirelli P Zeros (at over ?200... $300 bucks each),
Continentals and a   
	>Japanese tyre, Falcon. The latter tyres were considerably
cheaper. I've   
	>never heard of the Falcon brand. The dealer (probably the
biggest tyre   
	>seller in the UK) says that they are well made and work very
well (which   
	>was probably against his financial interest). Has anyone come
	>these? Failing that, anyone else have any recommendations for
tyres for   
	>an S4 that aren't too soft but still offer good traction?


I had similar dilemma couple of months ago. I came across the Sava
tyres. This is a Slovenian company. I was unsure if I should buy the
tyres of brand I've never heard about, but I decided to take a risk and
I'm very happy with them now. They're exceptionally quiet, give soft
ride, are OK in the wet and I paid only about $350 for a set of four