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RE: water wetter

Brian wrote:

	>Anyone tried an oil additive called Militec-1?  I've put 
	>in in my engine, hydraulic system, trannies and diffs.  Noticed
	>improvement in fuel economy on a recent 12 hour drive from
Maryland to 
	>Hilton Head, S.C.  Has good write-ups from industrial firms and
from US 
	>Military (which uses it on all firearms)

I used to have a loud groaning and vibration in the car, which was first
diagnosed as a differential going south, and later turned out to be worn
suspension bushings. I talked to my friendly mechanic and he said that
it is very risky to put anything but oil into your engine, but it
doesn't hurt to use it in the tranny/diff. I put Militec into my
differential, but I can't say if I see any improvement, since my
problems turned out not to be diff related. I also replaced my horns
some time ago with a compressor "trumpet" type. Soon after installation
the compressor died. It seized, because there was no filter at the air
inlet, mud and dirt got in. I was unable to dismantle this thing, so I
poured Militec into air inlet and cranked the pump shaft until all the
dirt came out. It works perfectly about 2 years since then.