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Re: QCUSA @ Blackhawk - Report

>From: QSHIPQ@aol.com
>Subject: QCUSA @ Blackhawk - Report
>So, all in all a very safe event, considering the newbie count, lots of
>smiles, and lots of run time available Sun.

I was one of the newbies here, and I must say I was very impressed with
the discipline and concern for safety of this group.  The instructors
were all very competent and helpful, and the track was managed in a
very professional manner.  It reminds me of my USMC time on the rifle
range, absolutely no fooling around when lives might be at stake,
extremely careful about safety.

And I could never have learned as much about the handling envelope of
mien UBERWGN, or the possibilities for improvement thereof.  Thanks to
all involved, especially Scott D. for all his hard work, and Craig and
Don for their guidance.

I will definitely do more of this, sounds like an excellent event
coming up in October at Road America, hope I can get some more mods
done before then.  I would heartily recommend these events to all who
read these words.

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