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Re: S6 specifications vs. 90Q 20V

>Date: Mon, 7 Jul 97 23:11:28 -0700
>From: Michael Williams <daserde@ucla.edu>
>Subject: Re: S6 specifications vs. 90Q 20V
>>I'm the orginal owner of a 1990 90Q 20V with 102k km and am looking at a
>>potential upgrade to a newer Q. The dealer has just brought in a "demo"
>>96 S6 and I took a long look at it today. The wheels are 15 inches and
>>the tires are Goodyear "Achieva". Something doesn't look right. 
>>Were these the original wheel/tire combo on the S6?
>Shouldnt be...the neighbor of my girlfriend has an 95 S6 Avant...it has 
>16 inch wheels with a type of tire that i cant remember but i know that 
>they arent what you say those are...

UBERWGN (1995.5 S6 Avant) came with 16" wheels and Dunlop SP Sport 2000
or some such.  I was unable to replace them with the exact same tire on
short notice, you can't find that tire in stock anywhere, I ended up
getting Dunlop D40 M2, I think, hope next time I won't be in a rush so
I can research other choices properly.

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