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RE: S6 specifications vs. 90Q 20V

Sheesh. I *did* do research, and ended up with D40M2s. I _love_ them!
The only other choices for me were SP8000s, BFG Comp T/A Z series, Conti
Sport Contact CZ91, Yoko AVS, all of which were too much money. I have
had the Yokos, and was happy, but the D40s are excellent! Only potential
problem (potential only because we're not there yet) is winter, but
that's what the stock rims and Nokia NRWs are for.
-Ian Duff.
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	Subject:	Re: S6 specifications vs. 90Q 20V
	UBERWGN (1995.5 S6 Avant) came with 16" wheels and Dunlop SP
Sport 2000
	or some such.  I was unable to replace them with the exact same
tire on
	short notice, you can't find that tire in stock anywhere, I
ended up
	getting Dunlop D40 M2, I think, hope next time I won't be in a
rush so
	I can research other choices properly.