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Re: What's that rattle?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Rob Winchell say:

> I've got a rattling sound going (as many of us do, it appears), which is 
> coming from, god forbid, the cat area of the exhaust. Now, I'm hoping 
> something is just loose, and not the innards of the cat rattling around. 
> Anyone know of anything "common" causing that noise in that area, other 
> than a bad cat?

Yup. Got it myself.

There is a 2-piece clamp that holds the center pipe onto the cat.
The bolts get broken, letting the clamp rattle on the pipe.

The clamp looks like two rounded triangles, with bolts in each corner.
They squeeze the flanged pipes together with a gasket in between.
Do you notice exhaust noise? Some leaks out between the pipes when
the clamp is loose.

Mine is currently "fixed" with a piece of wire twisted around the
clamps (only half of my bolt broke off !#@*!@**&!@^#*&!@#&!*@&#!).


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