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Re: What's that rattle?

On Wed, 2 Jul 1997, Rob Winchell wrote:

> All -
> I've got a rattling sound going (as many of us do, it appears), which is 
> coming from, god forbid, the cat area of the exhaust. Now, I'm hoping 
> something is just loose, and not the innards of the cat rattling around. 
> Anyone know of anything "common" causing that noise in that area, other 
> than a bad cat?

Presume you are state side yes?
Is it illegal to run your car without a cat then?

My friend had two on his 20V, both of which are now sat in boxes in his 
garage. It still passes its annual MOT including the emissions test, and 
now he has a much 'free-er flowing exhaust system`.
Unless you are going to get hauled infront of a court for running a car 
without a cat, then why not just take them off, and replace them with 
parts that you should be able to order over the counter :-)

Unless there is something else Im missing?

Michael Burton
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