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Re: What's that rattle?

Two comments, one possibly germaine and helpful the other likely to get me
flamed. One, exhaust rattles, etc. are difficult to pinpoint. I thought my
cat innards were going when actually it was the exhaust pipe bumping
against the rear diff.  Now for the other one: why take out the cat when
you know that your car's exhaust is cleaner with it in regardless of
whether or not it passes inspection?

	- jon

On Wed, 2 Jul 1997, Mike wrote:

> On Wed, 2 Jul 1997, Rob Winchell wrote:
> > All -
> > 
> > I've got a rattling sound going (as many of us do, it appears), which is 
> > coming from, god forbid, the cat area of the exhaust. Now, I'm hoping 
> > something is just loose, and not the innards of the cat rattling around. 
> > Anyone know of anything "common" causing that noise in that area, other 
> > than a bad cat?
> > 
> Presume you are state side yes?
> Is it illegal to run your car without a cat then?
> My friend had two on his 20V, both of which are now sat in boxes in his 
> garage. It still passes its annual MOT including the emissions test, and 
> now he has a much 'free-er flowing exhaust system`.
> Unless you are going to get hauled infront of a court for running a car 
> without a cat, then why not just take them off, and replace them with 
> parts that you should be able to order over the counter :-)
> Unless there is something else Im missing?
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