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Dear Audi fans,

This is an open invitation to anyone who wants to enjoy a weekend of 
fun and competitive racing, Mikkola style.
The date is august 23-24, 1997. The place is the Apple Hill PRO RALLY 
site in Middleburg, NY (about 25 miles southwest of Albany).

The event consists of three coeficient 1 SCCA PRO RALLY divisional 
events on saturday, and what we call a RALLYCROSS  on sunday.
No special equipment required for the rallycross.

The PRO RALLY portion of the weekend will bring all the top teams in 
the north east and beyond. It counts for the SCCA PRO RALLY north 
east divisional championship, the SCCA east coast superdivisional rally 
championship and the New York region rally championship. With all 
three championships still open and lots of points at stake, this 
event should be very intrestiing (and there will be plenty of AUDIs 
fighting for top honors).

The RALLYCROSS portion is something that will be done for the first 
time ever. We want to give people the chance to experience the thrill 
and excitment of pro rally without the risk of wrecking their car. It 
will be something like an autocross but on a gravel road, wich was  
custom made by pro rallyists and designed to keep the thrill on a 
safe scale. There is no trees to hit, no rocks to bounce on, etc. It 
will run on a PRO RALLY format, with about 8 special stages in 
different directions. Unlike autocrossing, where only your best time 
counts, all the stage times will be added together and the total time 
will be your final result. Cars will be divided in different classes 
according to their performance, there will even be a PRO RALLY class 
for rally teams who wish to do the event.

Any road car registered and insured in any state is elidgeble for 
competition. There will be a brief tech inspection before the event 
just to make sure all safety systems on the vehicle are o.k., brakes, 
lights, seat belts etc. Helmets are required for all occupants 
(motorcycle helmets are allowed) there will be some loaners available 
but there is no guarantee so I suggest you bring one. M&S tires are 
suggesteg but not required. Co-drivers are optional. You do not need 
to have any type of competition license, but you must have a valid 
drivers license. The RALLYCROSS is sanctioned by the SCCA and points 
as well as awards will be given. We hope this event  becomes the start 
of a championship series, and we need all your support. 
Entry fees for the rallycross will be $50.00.

If you are intrested on running the rallycross I suggest you contact 
the people listed below because there is about 35 cars already 
commited and there might be a limit.

For those of you who want work the event also contact the people 
listed below. This will be agreat opportunity to learn how to set up 
special stages, timing controls, spectator control and the logistics 
involved in organizing a pro rally in general. It'a a very low 
pressure event so it's very easy to learn.

People to contact for PRO RALLY, RALLYCROSS, WORK:

Constantine Montopoulos  1-212-226-7602 day
Ken Burt: 1-860-350-1807 day

Hotels in the area:

Best western- Cobbleskill, NY (518)234-4321
Howe Caverns hotel- (518)296-8950
Country comfort Motel- (518)284-2069
Motel 88- (518)284-2069
Golden Acres- (607)588-7329

I suggest you book early,  summer is quite a busy time for this 

We have put lots of time and hard work into making this work so we 
hope to see you all there. if you have any questions about the 
events feel free to contact me.

Best regards
Jose Vicente
88'XR4TI(building for pro-rally)

*** Visit us on the web at http://www.samson-transport.com