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Re: Question

M Tipton wrote:
> I'm looking for the "Vent visors" type of window device
> to fit the Audi 86 Coupe windows! I think there available in Europe?

also Ian J Haseltine wrote:

> > Do you know if there are available in the UK or Germany,
> > the plastic pieces that go ontop of the
> > drivers, and passenger windows, so you can
> > leave the windows down about an inch or so, and
> > the plastic pieces keep out the rain and wind!
> They still appear in various accessory catalogues in the UK, as 'WINDMASTER'
> weather sheilds, two models, standard in clear plastic or 'TINTS' in smoke
> grey and with a larger aperture. Both retail at about 50GBP a pair.
> No Audis in vehicle application list, in fact the only VAG models listed are
> VW Golf mkI (4 door) and VW Golf mkII (2 door).
> Judging by those that I've seen in the past (usually on late 70's and 80's
> Fords & Volvos) they don't fit vehicles with flush glass.

I have them on my 200, made in Germany by AirPress. The package listed many Audi fitments.
Although the fitment on our flush Audi windows is more difficult, it is not totally 
impossible. They get secured with long 3mm screws.

I do like them a lot, and I had those wind deflectors on all my cars since '84. They are 
especially good for smokers in the winter time. You crank them open by ~2cm, the smoke gets 
sucked out, the fresh air gets sucked in and you don't get snow or rain into the cabin.

The only car, that I did not install them on, was an automatic TransAm, that I briefly owned.
That car had fraimless windows. Incidently, excuse my ignorance, but if 2-door Audis come with  
frameless front windows, then wind deflectors are not an option.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - 18psi (TAP)
'97 A4TQ - on order