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RE: Questionable behavior?

Weeeelllll, it woulda been a long and lonely night at the Duffs, too. I
share your idea, and I'm absolutely certain Kathryn would share Paula's
(and perhaps even impound the checkbook to ensure compliance). Vive la
dfference! You *might* make amends by helping the poor soul to find a
suitable replacement, and a nice understanding support place on the
'net. If it were me in the wreck (prior to my Audi obsession, and
definitely prior to me finding the qlist), I would welcome someone
offering me a little non-litigous light at the end of a bleak tunnel.
-Ian Duff.
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	Subject:	Questionable behavior?

	Last night, driving home from work, I happened upon an accident
that had
	just occurred ... a dump truck wasn't able to stop for a traffic
light and
	plowed into the back of a shiny black sedan with 5-spoke wheels:
Yep, you
	guessed it -- a fairly clean '93 S4!

	After making sure no one was injured and setting out some flares
to redirect
	traffic, I went to talk to the S4 owner about the future of his
	<<description of acceptable behaviour snipped>>
	Since he not only took my business card but gave me his name and
	number, I figure he didn't consider my behavior offensive.
However, when my
	girlfriend walked up to us and heard what I was talking to him
about, she
	gave me "The Look"
	<<description of doom and gloom snipped>>
	So, what's the consensus here?  Did I step over the line, as
Paula claims,
	or was I simply taking advantage of a "tremendous opportunity
that only
	rarely presents itself," as I claimed in my defense?