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Re: Questionable behavior?

Jeffrey J. Goggin wrote:
> Last night, driving home from work, I happened upon an accident that had
> just occurred ... a dump truck wasn't able to stop for a traffic light and
> plowed into the back of a shiny black sedan with 5-spoke wheels: Yep, you
> guessed it -- a fairly clean '93 S4!
> After making sure no one was injured and setting out some flares to redirect
> traffic, I went to talk to the S4 owner about the future of his car.  I
> explained that since the roof was buckled, along with one of the fenders up
> front, the car may have been tweaked enough for his insurer to total it.  I
> told him that if this happened, he should buy the car back from his insurer
> (as allowed under Arizona law) and sell it to me for a profit so I can find
> a new home for the 56k-old motor and drivetrain.  :^)
> Since he not only took my business card but gave me his name and telephone
> number, I figure he didn't consider my behavior offensive.  However, when my
> girlfriend walked up to us and heard what I was talking to him about, she
> gave me "The Look" -- you know, the one that says it's going to be a lonely
> night -- and later told me she was aghast that I could be so inconsiderate
> as to even *think* about discussing something like this while he's still in
> a state of semi-shock from the accident.  Needless to say, as I predicted,
> it turned out to be a long and lonely night indeed...
> So, what's the consensus here?  Did I step over the line, as Paula claims,
> or was I simply taking advantage of a "tremendous opportunity that only
> rarely presents itself," as I claimed in my defense?  In retrospect, I may
> have been just a *little* bit aggressive but how often do you come across an
> S4 that's been hit from behind?!
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frankly, I cannot judge so far the situation - it really depends on.
Certainly, I would try to do somewhat similar what you did. True,
you must be cautious enough and have some feelins what and how to
tell. But... for me what you got from your gf has nothing to do with
what you did at all - it seems more like kind of a "game" and not a real
nice one. You probably would get a similar look and empty bed a few
corners later anyway - just for an other reason.

Unfortunately I am incredibly allergic on some attitudes SOME woman in
U.S. developed lately and your E-Mail begun to hurt. Sorry to tell this
I never ever had an American gf (and will suggest my sons to be careful
about to choose this kind, too). I had one close observation of a
conflict: the guy does a minor mistake(?), the gf produces a major
It was clearly an Euro <---> American conflict case. Guess, what
the guy knew little about that he should feel himself guilty and about
way the American woman thougt to be "emancipated". So the "poor" Ami-gf
dumped instantly in a very quick & slick European way (just about the
an S6+ QW would pass a fat "All-American" Ford Explorer) - instead of
(Boy, she begged than later - no success!). Both me and my wife cheered. 

the male-chauvinist, date-rapist, white pig ( <---See, I am educated now
the way the woman "emancipation", or, better, lawyer-bu^&*#it happened

Other (almost unrelated)
Just after returning from a long Yosemite - weekend. I passed a big deal
ugly and even more ugly SUV-s... and this with the "relatively
2.8. All this on the roads where the "SUV"-s supposed to excell. It was