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Re: tire tools set and euro headlights& 1 more Q

QUATTRO1@aol.com wrote:
> Sorry for the BW, but the items needed are for a 84 4ksq.  Also, how long of
> a shelf life do oil filters have?  I was given quite a few and haven't used
> them all.  The last two have been around for 2 years.
> Thanks a lot.
> Scott Mallett
> QUATTRO1@aol.com
> 84 4ksq

Just an interesting info: according to the Hungarian law,
all cars sold in that country must have AMBER turning lights.
If a car doesn't have it (i.e. U.S. grey-import car), the
lights must be made before the car is registered in the
There is an excessive "Euro-light" industry in Hungary to
satisfy the demand and the prices are relatively low.
A guy told my father as he asked about Chevy Lumina,
that "we'll laser-cut the amber light even for this car".
You know, how odd-looking are the lights of '95 Lumina.

My (U.S.-spec) '97 A6 QW has all-red lights in the back
and I am looking to probably get an amber set for it in
Hungary. I am not sure, but as I've seen the pictures, even
the A6-es sold in Germany or Netherlands have red turning
lights in the back - it would be interesting to know more
about it.
Anyway, if they are sold in Hungary (and A6 QW "Avant" IS
sold), there is a kit for it over there.

George Rath