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Re: tire tools set and euro headlights& 1 more Q

Aleksander Mierzwa wrote:
> According to the law in most European coutries you must have orange
> turning lights, but it means they have to emit orange light when they're
> flashing. It is OK to have such cool-looking turning lights that are red
> but turn orange while operating, like the in V8 or new A6. I've even
> seen Hella _green_ and _blue_ tail lights for Golf. They are made to
> match car's color, but of course they emit correct light colors when
> turned on. The US-made cars just flash their red stoplights as turning
> lights and this is illegal in Europe. You must also change the
> headlights to euro-spec ones.
>                                                 Alex

I have no clue, what are the "euro-spec" headlights. Sure, somebody
to my dad about the headlights of Lumina, too - but what kind of animal
is the
"euro-spec" headlight? I don't believe, it is a big trouble to find
ones for the A6QW - Lumina is an other case...
Sorry to be so uninformed. (BTW my friend from Ingolstadt told me, in
the TÜV doesn't care about the color of the turning lights - but he may
be wrong.)