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RE: My first Audi-sponsored event (Mt. Washington and LONG)

"Sean Ford" <sean@nwh.org> wrote:

>   I hung out with a few Q-listers (Paul Royal, Bob Davis, Peter Schulz
>(sp?), Andrew Duane, and two gentlemen whose names for some reason escapes
>me now), spoke with Igor Kessel, Jim Griffin (too briefly, sorry Jim), and
>ogled many, many Audi's. Personal favorite Audi of the day... black S4
>"CAMARA-1", runner-up, silver V8 from NY with a dynamite license plate
>cover that hides the license from a 45 degree angle.


I may have been one of the unnamed gentlemen to whom you refer; black
polo shirt with the Celis Brewery logo and the pearl white '89 90Q.

It was a pleasure to meet the few enthusiasts that I did.  I didn't go up the
hill for the first run, and opted not to go up in the afternoon, since I wanted to
beat some of the traffic and get to my dad's camp in Ossipee on Sunday PM.
I left without meeting many other Q-listers and before getting my t-shirt.

BTW, that black S4 license plate read "CAMRA-1".  I was curious to know
if the owner was a member of CAMRA (the CAMpaign for Real Ale).

Humorous incident:  I was under the tent (out of the gawdawfully hot sun) where
Byrnes Audi were displaying many beautiful new Audis.  They had been set up
there since Friday.  Someone wanted a look under the hood of an A8, so the
sales critter popped open the hood and took a few steps back.  Seems a mouse
found the top of the A8's engine an irrisistable place to build a nest with grass
clippings.  I joked that the car had an annoying squeak and at last they knew why.
The sales critter replied that there was no squeak and that the car was a joy to
drive.  Jeez, save the sales pitch for someone who doesn't already own an Audi.

Well, this is my official delurking note; I've been here for a few months taking it all in,
and have already gotten much good advice.  Nice to be here.  Happy motoring to all!

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